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this is honestly like my favorite video/song/antyhing of all time

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Ol’ dirty bastards son infront of a mural of him ,i love this so much 💖💖

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Keith Haring

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Cléo from 5 to 7 (Agnès Varda)

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take a chance u stupid ho

Is that a Ficus my nigga?

still goes

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Kanye album listening session with Virgil in Paris 9/24/14

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"I was raped in my own bed and I carry that weight with me wherever I go."

So honored for the opportunity to share her story. Documentary photographer Morrigan McCarthy and I spent a school day with Columbia University student, artist, and activist Emma Sulkowicz, who is carrying a 50-pound mattress on campus for as long as her rapist is around. (In other words, until he graduates.) The mattress is absurdly heavy. (I tried to pick it up myself.) Read the story and see the photos on ELLE.com.

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ikea-graveyard - persian rugs+baby blue
(partynextdoor/king krule cover)

Ikea-Graveyard bandcamp

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Kanye West | Good Life (P.Y.T. Intro) Ft. T-Pain

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Earl & Vince Staples

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